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Dave Keena Report 15/05/2025


Dave Keena


Going 13/06/2023

Following 10mm of rainfall yesterday, the ground for Sligo is Good.  Overcast, with spells of sunshine temperature from 16 to 20 degrees, uncertain outlook ahead, thunder showers with up to…

Dave Keena Report


Dave Keena Report


Ground Report

Following 5 mm of rain overnight the ground in Sligo is now Yielding to Soft, Soft in Places.  Up to 6 mm (approx) of rain forecast in showers, heavy at…

Dave Keena Report


Ground Report 28/04/2023

GOING: Yielding. Following two dry days & 15mm of rain overnight. Up to 15mm (approx) of further rain prior to racing according to Met Éireann.

Ground Report 21 October, 2022

Following 13.5mm of rain on Wednesday and a dry day yesterday, the ground at Sligo is now Yielding to Soft, Yielding in places.  A blustery unsettled day ahead with Met…

Dave Keena Report


Dave Keena Report


Ground Report 16/06/2022

Ground in Sligo is Good.   Forecast is overcast with scattered showers.  Temperatures 12 to 16 degrees

June 21st Meeting

First Race approx start time 5.00pm.   Gates open at 3.00pm As we do not constantly man FACEBOOK please do not leave messages.