Evening Meeting


15th May 2024 Flat Meeting

WELCOME  to the second Flat meeting of our Racing Season.  Today we are hosting a 7 card fixture.

Flat racing at Sligo Races promises an exhilarating evening filled with speed, competition, and the thrill of the track. Here are some key things you might like to know about flat racing:

  1. Race Distances: Flat races at Sligo Races typically vary in distance, ranging from sprints over a few furlongs to longer distances such as a mile or more. Each race will have a specific distance that the horses compete over.
  2. Horse Breeds: Flat racing primarily features Thoroughbred horses, known for their speed, agility, and competitive spirit. These horses are bred specifically for racing and excel on the flat track.
  3. Jockeys: Skilled jockeys ride the horses during flat races, guiding them around the track and strategically positioning them for the best chance of success. Jockeys play a crucial role in the outcome of the race.
  4. Race Tactics: Flat racing involves various tactics employed by both jockeys and trainers. This can include pace-setting, positioning, and timing of the final sprint to the finish line.
  5. Racecourse: The racecourse at Sligo Races offers a unique setting for flat racing, with its scenic surroundings and lively atmosphere. The track conditions can also impact race outcomes.
  6. Betting: Betting is a significant aspect of flat racing, adding an extra layer of excitement for spectators. You can place bets on individual horses to win, place, or show, as well as exotic bets like exactas, trifectas, and more.
  7. Form and Handicapping: Studying the form of horses, their past performances, and handicapping factors such as weight carried and track conditions can help bettors make informed decisions when placing bets.
  8.  Parade Ring: Before each race, horses are paraded in the parade ring, giving spectators the opportunity to see the horses up close and assess their physical condition and demeanor before making their selections.
  9. Race Day Experience: Beyond the races themselves, flat racing at Sligo Races offers a vibrant social atmosphere, with food, drinks, entertainment, and the camaraderie of fellow racegoers adding to the overall experience.
  10. Excitement and Drama: Flat racing is known for its moments of excitement and drama, from close finishes to unexpected upsets. Every race brings its own unique storyline and keeps spectators on the edge of their seats.

As you get ready for an exciting evening of flat racing at Sligo Races, keep these key aspects in mind to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of horse racing. Enjoy the races!


Today’s Racing


5:10   The Yeats Country Claiming Race of €10,500


5:45    Decoclip Construction Company Handicap of €10,500 (Rated 47-65)


6:15     The Rosses Point Caravan Park Maiden of €12,000


6:45    The Enda McGoldrick, Plant & Agri Hire Handicap of €10,500 (Rated 47-65)


7:15     Web the Tool Company Handicap of €13,000 (Rated 50-85)


7:45    The Hazel Wood Maiden of €11,500


8:15     The countysligoraces.com Maiden of €12,500


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